Worth trying….


Fava from Schinoussa with caramelised onion and caper sprouts,

Fluffy light courgette croquettes with refreshing sheep/goat yoghurt flavoured with mint,

Seafood burgers with fig jam.




Sea fennel salad with onion and tomato,

Organic lentils with octopus and Syrian treacle,


For the lovers of seafood


Black meagre (Gurbell)
with black eye beans and vinaigrette of Naxos
A dish to you will not forget!


As well for meat fanciers

Tender pork steak marinated in tomato paste and lemon thyme
accompanied by roasted Naxos potatoes 
is an outstanding choice.


And of course other unique flavours from our menu


Don’t miss adding a finishing touch to your meal with our Greek cheesecake

With rusks and creamy white goat/sheep cheese (mizithra) and homemade olive jam.